Cooter Races & Wildlife

Cooter Races are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free and open to the public to view races.

The City partners with Nature World Wildlife Rescue, a Citrus County nonprofit rescue, to educate and entertain with water turtles, owls and other critters in their care. Visit their booth located next to the track for more information on wildlife concerns in our area.

Cooter Race Registration

Visit the registration table for your chance to root on your favorite cooter on the Cooter Race Track. Spaces fill-up quickly, so make sure to register early.

Hourly Races

Cooters will race hourly at the festival.  Traditionally, we have yellow-bellied sliders or similar "cooters" at the festival for the children to visit with (not to touch). The idea is to watch the little guys race to the end of the special cooter track with gentle rooting for the fastest little cooter! Please don't scream at the cooters, and remember #itsaturtle.

Cooter Race Track